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Ok I have come to a dead end and can't find the answer. The other day I was riding my 06 ltr450 and it started to sputter and then would run fine. A couple laps later it would do the same thing. I thought maybe it was bad gas so I went to drain it out. I decided to check the oil in the reservoir and it was slam full and smelled like gas. I drained the oil and I had about 1/2 quart or 500 ml of gas in it.

I then began to research and found the problems could be: clogged vent lines, bad injector, or rings. I checked all the vent lines and they worked correctly then I checked the injector by turning the key on and not cranking the engine. There was no leaking.

I pulled the top end apart and the cylinder had some scratches but not enough to let 500 ml passed in about 30 min of riding. The rings also looked good.

I am stuck and not sure what to do. I have read everything and asked everyone I know and no one knows what it is. Also I am not sure how much the scratches on the cylinder wall are going to effect the performance when I put new rings. Should I hone it or just go ahead and replace the jug?
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