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full Yoshi RS-5 pipe with CRBM QUESTIONS

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A) can i pull the spark arrestor in my full Yoshi RS-5 exhaust and still run the CRBM?
B) how do i pull the spark arrestor in the Yoshi RS-5
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1. YES
2. You have to drill a hole to get the screw out unless you can get it out sidways, i couldnt so i drilled it
I do believe you can. A member on a forum tested it and it looked fine. i took a dremel and cut the welds on the bolt rather than drilling the hole. But yesterday in a 4th gear wheelie she hit the grab bar. I bent the endcap which sucks, but o well!
thanks for the info guys. i was just making sure there wasnt more than that 1 screw holding it n there.

p.s. that Yosh full ex. really brings out the low end. i had a lot of doubts as to wether or not it would make any noticible difference but it def. does
Yoshi Exhaust

If you put on a full yoshi exhaust, does yoshi say you need to install and EMS Peripheral Interface Module or the
EMS Fuel Injection Map Adjuster Kit?
no not at all. im just running the CB, full rs-5 and air lid removed and it runs fine. Yosh does not specify any other mods being required or recommended with thier full exhaust in the instructions they supplied

I also talked to Yoshi and no you dont need an EMS PIM but you will get more hp if you add one. Especially if you modify the air box.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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