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Fuel question

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I have removed my airbox lid, and modified the pea-shooter. Basically I cut it, gutted it, and welded it back to gether so I still have a spark aresstor. I have ordered the Cherry-bomb, and a 13 tooth sprocket. Can I run super unleaded in this or am I going to need race gas or a blend of the two?
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I will be picking my bike up tomorrow and I will be doing the same basic things most all of you guys have seem to have done. As far as the gas goes i personally wouldnt run anything but a 93-94 premium pump gas . I personally have used av-gas(airplane gas ) for the last 18 years since I started riding. I suggest mixing it at about a 3-2 ratio three gallons of av-to 2 gallons regular pump is what I run. I have talked to a bunch of folks about this over the last 15 years and there really is nothing wrong with any of the higher octane fuels airplane, race gs, etc. Plus it savs you close to a buck fifty a gallon! Over the last 18 years also i have never had a fuel related problem with the excpetion of the occasional bad tank of gas with some water or crud in it! hope this helps !

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