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Front Engine Mount Torque Specs (uninstalling Oil Tank)

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I am in the process of uninstalling my oil tank rezzie to retap it and put a nice size bolt in it. My main questions are what are the torque specs for everything I took off. Here is a list:
Front engine mount bolt to the motor
front engine mount bolts to the frame
battery box bolts-10mm
oil tank rezzie bolts -2 10mm

I really need to find out where I can get a service manual for this puppie

Does anyone know what the thread pitch is for the drain plug bolt? and or what the next size up would be? My useless dealership overtigten it and I am getting stuck fixing it.. she needs to be ready for my last distict race next sunday before the unidilla national.. ah so many things to do such little time <_<
1 - 1 of 2 Posts it is...all specs are in ft-lbs torque

Engine mounting bolt is 40.0
Engine mounting bolt bracket is 19.0
Engine oil drain plug on crankcase is 13.0
Engine oil drain plug on oil tank is 8.5

All other unspecified settings are as follows
Conventional or "4" marked bolts
4mm = 1.0
5mm = 2.0
6mm = 4.0
8mm = 9.5
10mm = 21.0
12mm = 32.5
14mm = 47.0
16mm = 76.0
18mm = 115.5

"7" marked bolts
4mm = 1.5
5mm = 3.0
6mm = 7.0
8mm = 16.5
10mm = 36.0
12mm = 61.5
14mm = 97.5
16mm = 152
18mm = 173.5

PM me your physical address and I will burn a CD of the manual for you to hold for me for "safe keeping"

Hope this helps :D
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