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Frame Problems????

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ok this weekend i was out practiceing and i dont remeber bottoming or flatland anything but the tab that holds the skid plate on the back has broke off and it trashed my frame and also my skid plate. The dealer said they would not cover it becasue it was abuse. I need some help or ideas to get me up and running. it is still under warranty.So what do i do. I was on a mx groomed track. :angry:
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Exactly something like this happend with my friends Tacoma. He was out in the desert screwing around and broke his rear axle. Took it into Toyota and they said they wouldn't warranty it because of abuse. He brought in a video of Toyota's off roading and basically doing what he told them he did. It was a video of there commercial. They eventually gave in. It's called false advertisment.
i got my tacoma stuck in the river, the tide came in and i havent got it running yet. should i tow it to the shop and tell them its their problem just like their new commercial where the guy parks on the beach goes kayaking and while he is gone the tide comes in and washes his truck around flips it over and back on the wheels then the tide goes out and the guy jumps in starts it and takes off? :lol:
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