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Flywheel/stator/starter clutch screw info

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One of many problems Suzuki had with the z400 is the starter clutch screws that went into the flywheel would loosen and back out because they didn't have any loctite on them. That was just great. You would do nothing wrong as an owner, but you would still trash your stator when the screws backed out. Well, knowing this about the Z, I pulled the flywheel on the LTR to learn some things about it. Suzuki DID loctite the screws on the LTR so they should not be causing any problems. Super! Also the LTR uses the same flywheel puller as the Z400 so if you have already spent the $55 for the puller for the Z, you will be in luck.

Here's some pics of the flywheel. I was wanting to inspect it to see if I could have some shaved. I'm not sure that I can on this... bummer :(

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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