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First Real Ride Without Paddles :)

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Just got my bike back from the dealer (recall work). So anyhow, there is a river bed near my house and we spotted some other locals down there riding.... so yesterday evening we loaded up 3 bikes and off we went.

This thing drifts super sweet!!!! I left the 13T on it. It ripped through the gears pretty crazy with those 18's on it. We were in the sand but I didn't want to take my skats down there just in case it ended up being rocky.... Water flow was very minimal so needless to say I did get to hydroplane it a couple times :D

woot woot now I've got to go wash off all the sand/mud :rolleyes:

She was kinda scary to ride through the wooded trails though.
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It's a whole different machine with a 13t front and 18 rears. I loved it before I put my 20s on.
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