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First Day Out

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I picked mine up this past week. Rode it around for about 20 mins -- was actually a little disapointed.
NO bottom end. Felt like I was "towing something".
Then the following day I did the cherry bomb/air box/pea shooter.
Took it out for my first ride -- WOW. There it is - Can't wait for the full Pipe.
Since I don't have my nerfs yet AND I need to run the "break in", I went to my favorite practice track and I TRIED to take it easy. It is a tight track - winding back and forth -- A couple of small doubles, several small tables and a 40' table and 65' table with short set-ups.
Well... I was quite impressed. After a couple of slow warm ups -- I was able to clear the 65' using 1/2 to 3/4
thottle -- I said I TRIED to take it easy.
Shocks are stiff -- but should loosen up and from what I see the re-builds are coming along.
Very happy with my decision to move from my Honda to the Suzuki. This will be one BAD machine with very little tweaking.
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Nice Pix, I still haven't got that much air. Got the quad but not the gonads!!!!
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