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First Dasa Pipe Flaw

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well guys today i started up my bike and noticed that it was running very loudly so i took a peck back by the exhaust and noticed that the 3 bolts that hold the mid pipe to the silencer and came lose and fell out. Not a major problem but i would thought that maybe they could have put some lock tight on the 3 bolts???? I guess i wasnt expecting them to fall out after only like 7 hours of use with the pipe on there well looks like im off to the hardware store to get some new bolts!!!

nothing major i guess but all you other dasa owners i guess be on the lookout if all the sudden your quad get alot louder!!!
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I would not call that a flaw? I reccomend EVERYONE that gets a DASA pipe or ANY pipe for that matter to Removes those bolts and add loc-tight. All of the pipes i ship have the pipe broke down in three peices. So you must assemble the pipe yourself. When assembling use loc-tight. Sorry to hear about this. If you need some new bolts let me know. Once installed correctly with loc-tight you will not have this issue.

The first few i shipped i did not take apart. Sorry for the trouble. I know its too late, but if you need the bolts i will ship some out to you?

I try ....... sometimes it works ...... sometimes it doesn't

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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