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Finally got mine

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Put my hipers on and took it for a ride I like this machine! Took my shocks off to send to MX tech to see if he can do even more with them should be a quick turn around. I know they are great stock shocks but he wants to see what MORE can be done with them :?
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Loving the look with the new hipers :) Please keep us update to date on what mx tech says about the equipment
Originally posted by parks9
nice of you to point that out  :D , why dont u just go out and buy a bike worth of having so u wont get made fun of? too many problems with the ltrs already, reminds me of a cannondale

This tool is an amazing one...every post you've made at a glance. 7 of 7 posts were all negative...

History report

I'd love to you have you stay, but honestly not one more personal attack or you'll have to learn more about these machines elsewhere. Our forum members are like a chain of brothers, if we have to cut a weak link out (you) it will happen. Our warnings may seem harsh compared to other places on the net, but we are all close here. We WILL NOT waste space on this forum with this garbage[/url]
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