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Fi Light On!!

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Ok guys just got done installing Nmotion, Dyna FI Programmer and Pro Design intake. After it starts up and idels for a minute or so the FI light is coming on. It runs fine, actually better than ever. It does seem to be running a little hot. It's not blinking its staying lit solid. And if I shut it off it starts right back up again. Is this anything I should be worried about? Im leaving for Englishtown in the morning so I guess I will just have to fiddle with it there.
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Well I checked everything and my lights ARE in the right places.

I turn my key on, dont start it, and after about 30 seconds it comes on.... It ran great all night so im just going to run it.....[/b]

Hey did you ever figure out what was causing this on your quad? Mine is doing it now.

Turn the key on, let the FI light and low fuel light cycle. They go off, then about 10-15sec later the FI light comes back on and stays on. The quad still starts and it runs and idles fine in neutral.

Turn the key on, let the FI light and low fuel light cycle. They go off, start the quad and immediately start riding around the yard in 1st, 2nd gear and the light doesn't come on. When I stop and let the quad idle for 10-15sec the FI light comes on and stays on solid in neutral.

Now here's the kicker. Notice I put in neutral at the end of each test. I retried each test and never had the quad in neutral, and the FI light never comes back on. It only happens when I put it in neutral

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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