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Factory Gearing

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I have read it somewhere but I can not find it now...what is the factory gearing.

If I remember correctly 14/36...just want to be sure.
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Originally posted by [email protected]
the engineers at suzuki and every other quad manufactor design the transmission around the stock sprokets

most 4 strokes have 5 gears i can only speculate to why the magic number is 5 but that what it seems to be. anyways they gear the machine to its horse power the ltr tranny would not work very well with a blaster motor. the blaster is a good example to this theorum because it has 6 gears to help it accel quicker (most 2 strokes have 6 gears because they dont have the tourque a 4 stroke has). if you change the sprocket teeth to much (ive been told 2.5 is the max) your going to lose  horse power because the gears have become to short. when the gears become to short you dont lose the horse power you just dont use it. and yes when you put 20\" tires on the ltr you should gear it down just to even the tire change out.
Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but I disagree man.

You can put any sprockets you want on there for your application. Obviously some gearing combos will just SUCK because you will be geared too low or too high. But, why on earth would anyone leave it geared horribly wrong? It isn't like he is going to destroy his bike by trying different combos. Different people will like different gearing. I think it is pretty obvious that something like 13 in the front and 50 in the back won't work too well .. LOL.

There is no "max" number of sprocket teeth you can change without "losing" hp. It all depends on your application and preference.
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