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Exhaust Plugg

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like the title says i need an exhaust plugg that fits the oval design of my yoshi pipe. thanks for any replies
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patience young grass hopper :)

i have no clue...
Thats one thing i totally forgot about. No clue what would fit, the only thing i can thinkof is use a towel for now or just wipe around the pipe instead of washing it.
i was thinking about cutting my old one i think that might work...ill give it a try its not like im gonna use it for anything else
Not to "poke fun" but what do you need a plug for? I know to stick in the tip of your exhaust but I've never used one, I've never seen anyone use one....I've pressure washed them, used a hose, thrown buckets of water...Just curious what would make you want one so bad...except for that one kid that sticks the hose in the exhaust and turns it on to wash out the motor :blink: ....Does it destroy packing? Thats my only guess...
well u can get water in your motor from too much going down in the pipe thats why
OK. I don't have much of a problem with that but I see why it would be good
There is packing (a.k.a. cotton or fiberous material) that when gets wet will pack down thusly changing the dynamics of the exhaust. Will be louder and less restictive. Will notice a loss of power sputting/back firing. You do not want to get any amout of water in the packing if at all possible. I don't have a plug but know to keep the water out (platic bag and a rubber band will work great). Lesson #2. You exhaust needs to be repacked periodically. Should be some sort of directions in the pamphlets that came with your pipe. If not call manufacturer for proceedures on how to remove/install packing. Should be changed out at least once a year, more if you get water in it.
Will notice a loss of power sputting/back firing. [/b]
bummer. I like the baggie and rubber band idea.
I just stuff a shop rag in a zip loc bag then stuff that into the exhaust.
I just stuff a shop rag in a zip loc bag then stuff that into the exhaust.
Yep... that's a good trick.
I think covering the exhaust while washing is a good would not remove your filter and spray water around the intake...same sort of deal just getting into the motor via the exhaust valves instead of the intake valves.

I always used 2 walmart bags stuffed in the exhaust...worked great for me and they are readily available...but with a few RMATV orders ago I threw in a couple of the plugs for like $5 each or something. They are really nice! Bright orange, pull strap, definitely plug off the exhaust!

Do not forget to remove prior to starting...or lack of starting!!! True story, guy camped next to us at LS, I finally went over after about 15 minutes of him beating on his Z400 because it would not start. :lol:
I know I shouldnt laugh but HAAAAHAAAAAA...damn, because I laughed is probably gunna be me :(
my local shop sells an fmf plug that seems to work fine for the stock pipe w/ pea shooter out. I did hear a story about one of the shop techs forgetting about his plug. he was setting up for a race and ended up starting to tear apart the plastics before he noticed the plug.

though yesturday, I forgot about it too and my ltr started right up(a little quieter thats all) :blink:
There are 2 sizes of plugs, right? What one would I need for the Dasa pipe that I just ordered?
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