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Hey...was wondering if anyone on here is racing the WPSA tour at Englishtown this weekend. I've got two buddies that made the trip from here (Sumter, SC). One of them is on a white LTR number 14 or 14sumtin? (pretty much stock...has standard AC nerfs, Terry steering stabilizer, AC front bumper, holeshot rears) and the other is on a yellow Z400 number 91 (holeshots, "carbon" hood, full yoshi, aftermarket hubs and axle, a-arms and elka shocks up front, Tag Stem and Bars, Factory FX seat cover (black)). Lemme know if you see them...and if you are racing too! Any pics as the weekend goes on would be awesome as well!
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i was there. lt-r number 21 white with red spastic graphics. crazy race with the pros but of coarse gust pulled through and beat wimmer.
any pics?
my parents usually take pics of me, but they suck so bad. i have some pictures of my friends racing though. but the camera is at my dads house and i cant upload them yet. ill post them once i can.
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