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Engine Stalling

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I just got off the phone with my brother in law. He is out at Pismo with my quad right now and told me of 3 issues it's having. The most important is that when he is going down hill it some times cuts out. He said it's completly random. I was maybe thinking TOS but any other ideas? It acts like it just runs out of gas.

Second is he said it is having trouble starting. He said it happens most the time when it's hot. Trys to start it and just click, like a dead battery. If he turns the key all the way off then back on though it starts back up normal. Is this normal?

Third he has been drag racing a 2005 YFZ 450 and been losing. They are switching off and the YFZ keeps winning. I'm thining WTF since the 05' is a 439. All he has done to it is a Dubach pipe, K&N, no lid, and jetting. I know that's all he has too, good friend. They are telling me who ever gets the hole shot wins the first half but the YFZ has more top end. I'm confused...
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What kind of fuel enrichment do you have?
I meant like a CRBM or Dobeck or???
I dunno...first problem sounds hauntingly like a clogged filter...

second problem...gotta dig out the manual..I'll get back to you on that...

third problem?...what kind of tires you running?...whats he running?...
well...there ya go...I'm not busting Sand Stars or nor do I want to open that whole can of worms...but if he IS running SandStars?...yea..that bike is going to fall on it's face after 3rd gear...I know because thats what happened to mine... we got it narrowed down to 2 real problems...
OK...I think the second problem is the clutch lever sensor...I was looking through the posts and it seems very close to what is going on with your bike...

Hope this helps... :D
oh brother...gee I guess I should have asked THAT question first... :lol:
This is true...Yellow stickers mixed with sand stars? may NEVER get that thing out of reverse now... :(
I wouldn't trust Clone...he's too wishy washy...
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