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Been chasing this issue for a long time on my 07 LTR. The Quad starts up and idles and runs strong. Like clock work after around 15-20 minutes of riding the engine starts bogging and acting like it’s not getting enough fuel or there is an air flow problem. If I turn the key off and then back on as I’m still rolling the problem temporarily goes away for a few minutes but then continues to do the same thing. I can keep turning the key off an on to get me back to where I started but I’m about out of options here. I’m going to list what I have already replaced one by one to address the issue with no success.
quad has a brand new full built Turtle Race Motor with yoshi cams etc running VP 110 fuel.
replaced so far;
Replaced PC3 Brand new PC5
OEM Stator and pickup coil
OEM flywheel
OEM Injector ( multiple )
OEM fuel pump
OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
OEM belly filter assembly
OEM Coil
OEM rectifier /regulator
OEM Wire Harness
OEM throttle body
OEM Air Pressure sensor
New NGK Spark Plug
OEM Air temperature sensor ( inside air box)
OEM Gear position sensor
OEM Fuel Pump Relay
OEM key switch
New cherry bomb

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Bump. I'm having the exact same issue. You ever figure it out?
kinked fuel line from fuel pressure regulator (petcock) to the fuel pump, restricting full flow. replaced fuel line and fixed problem. have a tone of working spare parts now because of this issue. alot of folks rotate the fuel tank to the side or back out of the way in order to access the valve cover of spark plug and they do not unhook the fuel lines. when this happens the fuel lines get twisted and imperfections form in them and this caused my problem. Good Luck
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