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Emergency! ...---...

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Just thought some of you would like this info! Im in line for an EFI controller!
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well u can run easily ur lt-r450 with cherry bomb lid off and baffle out. and yes if u add an exhaust it will run lean, we all know that already, thanx for the info too!
mine is running lean with or without the cherry bomb in place, I dont have the lid and i have taken the baffle out.
I have a yosh full exhaust with cherry bomb only, and I am not running lean. The head pipe will glow a little bit, but that is normal with any 450. It glowed like that the day I brought it home from the dealer, with air box lid on and baffle in. Just because the head pipe is glowing doesn't always mean that you are lean. If you are sitting still just reving the engine your head pipe is going to glow, I don't care how good of jetting or air fuel mixture is. Do a plug check. You can tell by the engine also if under power you are backfiring or missing you are probably lean. I have talked to yosh and a dealer and they said that it is fine with the cherry bomb. At my altitude, about 15 feet above sea level.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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