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Ok, I haven't posted in awhile but I have had a bad experience with Dave at East Coast and I'm curious if I am the only one?

So my PSI motor in my 250R blew up back in early February. I decided to take it to East Coast. Not sure why really since they are an hour away but anyway, I dropped it off on Feb. 24. Every time I called, nobody knew what was going on, they couldnt get a piston for about a month. I called three times over two weeks after they said they ordered it and everytime they said it would be there in two days. Finally I called to say I just wanted a different piston and then they had one in. But then the next time I called they hadn't gotten one yet. Half the time when I called nobody could talk to me or Dave was going to call me back within 30 min. but then I never heard back. Finally, it was done the 24th of this month. Two months later.

I told him I wanted the cylinder replated, the head resurfaced, a new piston put in, and whatever else needed to be done. He told me it was going to be right around $500. I told him if it was going to cost ANY more than that I wanted to be called first. Well, when he called with the total, it was $640. Apparently I was charged $50 to have my carb cleaned, which I NEVER asked for. Unfortunately I didnt realize it until I was on my way home in rush hour traffic on I-78W. :evil:

To top it ALL off... I got home and started putting everything back together and ran into a problem. He put the head on 180* backwards. Now, instead of having the coolant come into the front of the motor, its on the back. My dad is planning on calling tomorrow because I just refuse to deal with them anymore after everything I've gone through already. I guess he wants them to fix it and pay for the gas. I'd also like my $50 for the magic carb cleaning but I just give up.

He wants to go there because he said you can only use a head gasket once. Other people I have talked to disagree. What do you guys think??

I dont even drink but I need a beer. :evil:
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If I treated my customers that badly at one of my businesses I wouldn't tell anyone I owned another one either.
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