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Dyno Results

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I see some results are out but no comments yet ?
Is the the 3rd graph line on each readout the A/F ratio ?
If so could you say that the Trinity runs lean at both low and high revs - or am I just a chart reading fool !
Good to see there are no bad pipes out there yet as I,d be pissed if I had bought brand X and it was crap !

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Yes 3rd line is A/F .... i asked about this and dan said it is a little lean, but would be fine. So far Trinity is the only one doing this. I also feel if you richen the trinity up it will lose some of that power. I know the yoshi is not up yet, but the A/F is perfect, and has a little more on top then the lean Trinity. The yoshi also pulls longer.

can you guys post the actual power number values and A/F ratio values? or am I just not seeing them?
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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