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Dyno A/f

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Got to make a quick pass on a Dynojet the other day....Only got to make one pass and it was on the stock knobbies, not sure if that hurts or helps but just an FYI.

Bike made 46whp/31wtq...#'s arent great and I know there are stock bikes making more power than that but its dyno to I dont need to hear anything is wrong with runs hard I assure you... For comparisons buddies 05 YFZ with...

KENZ ported head
ESR Intake
Ron Woods Drag pipe
Crower Cams
Ported carb

Made 48whp/30wtq with near perfect A/F....Im all for Dyno Queen bikes but this dyno doesnt allow for it ;)

NOW to A/F :eek: .... its between 14.5-15.1 from 5500- redline. I guess I gotta bite my tounge thinking the A/F was ok cause the bike ran so good after the motor build. Power commander/FIMAK is gonna be on the way so I should have some sheets relatively soon after the tune :fro: This was on straight C12...there is no audible detonation so it being that lean actually kind of suprised me.

Anybody have any opinions on which is more user friendly...PC or FIMAK?

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bryan and al, the really good a/f optimized is 12.45-13.1. this is spot on. the closer you get to that the better the motor runs. you can get that with the pc for sure and most likely the pim and fimak. al you will love the pc. more options than fimak so far. not sure for how long. hp numbers don't mean a whole lot in my opinion numbers are great to get an idea on which way u r going. i chase numbers on the dyno bad habit.
dave, yes on all your questions. bryan theres alot of adjustments that need to be made on a dyno. the temp of the room and all that has to do with the weather have to be set according to todays weather or the room has to be correct to the dyno along with many more settings. i never nor has anyone adjusted any settings before i dynoed was told close enough. it's a tool and as long as i am not going backwards fine.
still got vforce all apart.
brian, thats good to know about the dyno doing the adjusting. all the dynos i've used and had other people used on my equitment must of been without some accesorys.
al, the pc also adjusts at 250 rpm increments while the fimak does 500 rpm. the pc also has a accelerator pump program with it for free. heard good reports but lets remenber its free. also i figure pc will have a little ingnition action before yoshi. also yoshi will probaly come out with a program like pc with the computer and then i woul have to buy that. also jamie at fuelmoto is awesome and help with info and directions which yoshi didn't.

also a friend of mine had some work done on his r450 w/ crower cams and at the dyno he showed 50.2 hp but mine at the track with pipe and pim airbox off was tearing him up.( one of the reasons i don't get all crazy about numbers.
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