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Dyno A/f

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Got to make a quick pass on a Dynojet the other day....Only got to make one pass and it was on the stock knobbies, not sure if that hurts or helps but just an FYI.

Bike made 46whp/31wtq...#'s arent great and I know there are stock bikes making more power than that but its dyno to I dont need to hear anything is wrong with runs hard I assure you... For comparisons buddies 05 YFZ with...

KENZ ported head
ESR Intake
Ron Woods Drag pipe
Crower Cams
Ported carb

Made 48whp/30wtq with near perfect A/F....Im all for Dyno Queen bikes but this dyno doesnt allow for it ;)

NOW to A/F :eek: .... its between 14.5-15.1 from 5500- redline. I guess I gotta bite my tounge thinking the A/F was ok cause the bike ran so good after the motor build. Power commander/FIMAK is gonna be on the way so I should have some sheets relatively soon after the tune :fro: This was on straight C12...there is no audible detonation so it being that lean actually kind of suprised me.

Anybody have any opinions on which is more user friendly...PC or FIMAK?

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That Innovate LM-1 is the stuff!

I'd be willing to bet it's giving you better readings that a sniffer in the tailpipe on the dyno... Good call Al. I wonder if Softone has an LM-1? :lol:

schl48 are you from KR? did you buy an ltr?

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