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Welp we pulled out of Norman Oklahoma on the 25th of May for Memorial Day weekend.

First stop Cinders (Flagstaff, AZ) -
getting about $35 worth of $100 hill.

Dry camping, dusty, and the cinders are basicly lava rock the size of pea gravel and they tear up your tires and paint!!!!

Some of the biggest hills I've ever seen and riden. We rode the trails, raced on the flats, and then climbed a few big hills and didn't quite make it half way up the M O N S T E R hills.

It hadn't rained in a while so it was extremely dusty. I'll probably never go back unless I happen to be in town visiting my brother. Well worth the trip if you've never seen it. Imagine a hill 2-3 times taller than Olds and well steaper than china wall........ and thats the smal one :D

Second stop Pismo Beach (Oceano Dunes, CA) -

Make reservations on !!!! We pulled in there at high tide on the following Saturday. Didn't air down (drop tire pressure to below 20psi) and got stuck 3 times and ..... burried the truck and trailer down to the frame!!!! Stuck for more than 3 hrs and none of the locals offered any help. It blew hard Sunday so the dunes were extremely smooth!!! Tons of bowls and razor backs.... its a mini version of glamis. We were easily able to take the kids out on the dunes with their mini-atv's. Plenty of places to jump and the drag strip is far away from the beach.... Tons of fun here. Plus the weather was great... high 60's and had a high of 72.

Third and final stop Glamis (Algodones Dunes) -

Looks much smaller now that I'm an adult (rode it as a kid). The big bowls are great and you can link them together till you run out of fuel. We camped on pad #2 so it was a pretty straight shot to Olds. There was only one other family out there so we had the dunes to ourselves. We pulled in at 5pm (105 degrees). The kids rode all night next to camp. Then we went out in the morning and just rode around on the northern end of the dunes.... did Olds. I remember it being much steeper and taller.... but after going to the cinders.....Olds is just long. My Son and Nephew raced up it on their 250's with no problem in second :lol:
We didn't take the little kids out on to the big dunes cause by the time we got back to camp it was already too hot...... so we pulled out and headed for home.

It wasn't all duning but I figure you don't want to hear about hanging out with my Mom, going to disney land, and getting drunk with my brothers.

Pics to come soon.

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I'm playing hookey next Wednesday demmit...Pismo here I come too :D
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