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Duncan Racing Cams

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Has anyone else looked at the cam setups that Duncan is offering. I'm wondering If I should just buy one of their intake cams to run with my exhaust cam?

Now I'm wondering about my .356 and .369 lift cams are that great.
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We should be doing some dyno testing next week on our next LTR set up. We are testing with a custom grind .435 lift 268 dur.

We will let ya know how it comes out.
Just intake cam? I want to be on the list if it is just an intake cam. How much are we looking at?
We are going to try a lot of different combinations. We will also be trying the stock exhaust cam with some of the larger aftermarket intakes just to see what the actual gains or losses will be.

Not sure on price yet. We need to get the final products done first.
I am sure you are right ....... DASA has a couple grinds available. I will get specs on both.
Dasa/Webb Cams

.358 / .369 [email protected] Grind# 11i/549
.356 / .369 [email protected] Grind#963/549+6
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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