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Don't F*ck With Computer Geeks

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Warning: not for the little ones lol
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I have seen that before, it's a good one. I don't know if I would have been that calm.
Your on a roll tonight!
Wait a minute. Did anybody else catch the kids name was wallace. There wallace was scissors in hand. Researching different fendercuts on the HQ. Then some jokester came along. Good thing, he took one for the suzuki. :smiley_ninja:

How in the hell are you going to throw scissors at somebody like that. What do you think is gonna happen.

DURRR! :poundon:
Kid has good aim, but yeah that guy must have really fast forgiveness, becuase i would've been standing over that kid with a few fists already thrown.
I can't stop watching it!
lucky it was his arm..iwould have kick his ass after
Ohhh..........shit. I really cannot believe that video

He put everything he had in that throw...thank god it happend to catch an arm and nothing worse
good job wallace way to not put up with being febreezed :lol:
Saftey scissors? HAHA Woulda been better if they started playing "saftey dance" :p
My first reaction would have been to pull them out. Kinda like a reflex.
i think their would've bee alittle blood.
My first reaction would have been to pull them out. Kinda like a reflex.
if you pulled them out then it would probably make it a LOT worse, and looking by how deep in they are, probably bleed to death
^^ agreed...

complete bs... there isn't even a hint of blood.

funny video though.
There was a guy on a motorcycle one time who crashed and a big ass pole thing went through his balls and out his side. He survied... it was so jammed in there , there was like no blood loss. It could be fake... i dont know though. Only that kid does lol
i think it might be real. just because there is no blood right away does not mean its fake and yes pulling it out is a bad idea but even if you did you might not bleed to death, you would have to hit a major artery(sp) or even maybe a vein, but if it missed those and just went into muscle tissue no threat of alot of blood loss..
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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