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Dobeck Gen1, 2?

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i am going to buy a dobeck gen 2, but whats the difference with the 1, i got cb and full yosh, i heard that the gen 1 does not allow u to keep the cb??
does it really worth it?
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Ben..the first generation was developed without the aid of the CRBM. They didn't even know it existed. Then all the problems arrouse when people started buying CRBM's...THEN added the controllers. SO stick with the generation 2. :D
I have the gen 1 and it has instructions for with the cherry bomb and without.
If you have instructions that include the CRBM then you have the second mapping in yours. They re-wrote those things within the first week after they were released because that first weekend after the release...they walked into a office full of pissed off voice mails. I honestly didn't even know there was a generation 1 or 2. All I know is they did rewrite the program and released it within a week of the original release. Ask me how I know? :D
Oh ok thanks for clearing that up!! Oh and it is awesome!
The Dobeck Gen II adjustments are made by turning pots. The Dobeck GenIII is a private label version (HMF Optimozer or Trinity etc) which is adjusted by picking a mode then with buttons moving a light left or right from center.
Gen III versions are completly mapped my the private label holder, I write the maps here at HMF for our Gen III Optimizer.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions feel free toask away.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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