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Dg Skidplates

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Just wondering if anyone has tried out DG skidplates. I tried to order a complete set of Pro Armors, but they are on back order until Decemeber :( . I was looking on DG's website, however they do not show a picture of their a-arm skids. I'm would like to know if they wrap around the front of the a-arm like the Pro Armors, or if they are just a flat piece of Aluminum.

My Dad put a DG one the back of my Mom's Warrior, and he said it is holding up really well. Espically compared to the GYTR (very expensive), he but one his new Raptor 700r. The GYTR swingarm plate had a fairly decent bent on it after one easy ride :angry: . The DG, on the other hand, has been through hell and it is still good as new. I think the crappy Yamaha (GYTR) is made of way to soft of Aluminum.
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I would say PRM is probably the best, but i did order a DG full chassis skidplate but i got a baja swindarm guard instead, so i guess i'll have to send it back. The I just hope they don't give me a Baja chassis skid because i do mx and i just need some metal on the bottom but not heavy stuff, so if they send me baja then i'm going with proarmor.
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