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Dasa Pipe

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here are a few pics of it all mounted up i aint rode with it yet because its raining out and i dont have my power commander set up yet but here ya go, it sounds awesome too deep mean sound. I think it looks sick.

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Looks GREAT......been waiting for this.
What's the status on a heat shield ???
The welds look fine -- I am not knockin' ----- I am talking about a heat shield --- for that purpose.
To keep my a$$ from getting burned --- :p are doing ceramic on the header right ?
Nope ..... no option to add a heat shield. Most aftermarket pipes that i have seen do not offer a heat shield. I am ceramic coating my header and anodizing my canister Black. Then putting on chrome DASA stickers. It should look pretty bad azz.



can't wait to see it
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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