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Dasa Exhaust With Just Cherry Bomb?

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Im looking into buying a full system for my LTR soon and Im split between the DASA and HMF. I know the HMF runs great with just the Cherry Bomb, but will the DASA? Ive heard the DASA will need the PIM becuase with the Cherry Bomb it is too lean. Id rather not spend an extra $200 if I dont have to, but if I do, so be it. Thanks for any help.
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All I have is the cherry bomb at the moment and will have my LTR and DASA back when I get home from vacation, so I can tell you if it runs good without furthar fuel modification or if you'll want a PIM, I plan on getting a PIM anyways but not for a week or two.
I'll second OKC, I havn't raced my buddies YZFs but I ran perfectly fine with just the CRBM and no lid. I'm definitly going to get some kind of fuel management though for that extra kick in the balls.
Now does that setup give you more MPH as well? I assume with the extra 1000 rpm it would. I just installed my CB, have stock pipe with sparky removed and airbox lid off, just havnt had a chance to try it out yet. Big difference I hope??? [/b]
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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