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Custom Pim/fimak Maps

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Hey idea several users helped develop - this will grow with time and hopefully end up with enough maps listed to suit most people's needs (or at least help provide a good starting point). This may take a while to develop, but I believe this should prove to be a great help to EVERYONE a ways down the road. If any of you have developed or had maps tuned for your custom setup via a PIM/Fimak combo we would greatly appreciate it if you would post your map here as well as the following information regarding your setup:

Please copy/paste this list and fill in your information:

Piston (Compression):
A/F ratio:
Approximate Temp:

Click here to post your maps tuned with a power commander
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You sound very knowledgeable and it's cool that you are reporting back with your results on the PIM/FIMAK. But I'm a firm believer that you don't gain much with bore alone. You did up the compression which always helps, but I think that you really need better cams to compliment your big bore and high compression. Otherwise the results might be a little disappointing. JMO
forgot to mention this.. fuels intake did infact richen up my overall A/F over my previous pro-flo k&n set up..[/b]
What was your AFR's before the fuel intake and after the intake?
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