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Crower Power!!

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Drum roll please...............................


It only took a few months but the person to come through on the money was Dan Crower or Crower Power perfomance camshafts. The guy was always in touch, informative and accurate on all his time frames. Extremly nice to talk to.

This intake can only, is what i will start with and in time we shall see what and if we want to do an exhaust cam. Right now this intake is where the power will come in from so thats what i will start with. I ended up going with the higher lift, less duratin G1 grind that should help the motor everywhere. Emphisis will be slighted towards the bottom end where the 4 stroke naturally wants to make its power anyway. I hate lazy bottom end motors. Shootin hills, coming out of corners and riding in low to mid is where most will ride. I dont like to overev my 4 strokes so ill see how this cam does.

Here are some pics of this metal motor candy :D


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Nice cam Gary. Now we'll we get to hear a ride report from you now. :smiley_1poke: I think you have owned that quad for about 8 months now and I'm not sure if you ever started it. :blink: :p

Just messing with you buddy. I can't wait to hear how your new baby will scream and of course see the dyno numbers. You might have the strongest running R450 out there to date. I'm expecting about 59 HP from you on this one. Great Job!!! :banana:
hmmmm, It's Friday and I wonder if Gary is working on his quad yet :p

Thought I would give this thread a bump :D
Great job Gary. :D I think Crower designed the smaller lobe width is to reduce valvetrain friction thus increasing engine speed. I'm not convinced that it will cause more stress on the lobe and the follower.

1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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