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:( Crashed

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Riding @ a friends house, i hit a poorly shaped double and it bucked me ass high nose down.

i bailed over the bars & landed on right shoulder and snaped my collar bone. ouch.

my quad fliped twice and snaped 1 of the rear fender mount off the bumper. its sittin pretty tweaked in the reaar. hope my sub framre isnt screwed.

tough 2 type only left handed, ttygl.

ride carefull.
(i cant ride @ least 6-8 weeks!)
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glad your still with use bro. ass over tea cup is not a pretty way to crash
I always heard it was ass over tea kettle, but all the same I suppose :p

Sorry to hear about the wreck, glad you're alright (sort of)
it is can be either but I like tea cup cause its more fragile and can well in the case anyways.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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