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Comp Cutting Tires (my Itp's)

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Well after much thinking this past week. I went and picked up some grinding stones for my die grinder at home and started in on my daughters Geckos. She doesn't use those tires and I wasn't putting them on E-bay any time soon.

So last night I took the stone to the tire and took out the first notch. WOW, for only being a 2ply tire the rubber on top of the cords was about a full 1/4" thick. Once I'm done cutting this tire down to the cords all the way around (except for the paddle area and sidewalls).... it should be significantly lighter.

I'm going to probably do the same thing to my sand stars if I can find a rougher stone than this pink one I'm using to do the job quicker.

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ha ha ha well I'm glad to be back too. Yeah after 1hr's worth of work today and only about a 2"x4" piece cut out, I'm gonna look for a cheap groover. Thanks Rob!

See good thing I started on the geckos.

One thing for sure, the cleared area is much softer now that the material is removed.
I worked at a tire shop for several years and we used buffers, you might look into that option.
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