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Clutch Cover Recall

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Hey guys,

Received a call from my dealer today. They told me that there has been a recall on the Clutch Cover for the LTR. Anyone else run into anything like this?? I did a search on here and found that there were some issues with the LTZ Clutch Cover. Think the dealer has there recalls mixed??
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Yup, thanks to Al for bringing this link to our attention: (I had somehow missed it)

We've actually had another case where a member on here recieved a call to get their clutch cover recall done, but the dealer soon admitted they made a mistake on the model. Nothing for you to worry about :)
Has to be the LTZ. There are no recalls on the clutch cover!

HaHa! We posted at almost the same time.
He's always on top of this stuff^ :p Somehow managed to sneek it in before him
Alright......good deal!!! I didn't feel like taking it to the dealer anyway!
good because it would cost them some dough to replace my one of a kind clutch cover ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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