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Clutch Adjustment?

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When I disengage the clutch (pull back the lever) I notice the clutch grabs a little and can feel the gears turning. It doesn't roll as easily as when in neutral. I know that in cars when the clutch is disengaged it has no friction with the flywheel allowing it to move freely. I have adjusted the clutch both ways and its the same feel. The LTR is my first quad so I have no experience with these smaller motors. Is this normal in a quad/dirt bike?


btw im using a non aditive 10w-40 oil for the break in (motoman), since im only on my third oil change. since using synthetic isnt an option yet, will that most likely fix the problem? if there is a problem.
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Intereseting, i noticed then when moving the quads around in the garage. There was a noticeable difference between clutch depressed and in neutral, neutral being very free rolling.
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