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Cherry Bomb

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I just got my ltr 3 days ago waiting for cherrybomb to come in. I need to know what do u do exactly to install it i heard that when you put it on you need to touch the positive and negative battery wires together i know how to hook it up but i need to know if this is true. I heard it swithches it to the second map.
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just got mine today also, and im wondering if you can plug it in, ride for a weeks or whatever, and then unglug it and have it back to normal? I tried taking mine off already and it seemed like it was on there pretty good. I just didnt want to pull too hard and stretch the wires or something.
ok sweet, thanks a lot. I have been trying to take it off by hand, and havnt managed to do it yet. I dont want to be sticking screw drivers in there and breaking anything though.
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