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Cherry Bomb

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I just got my ltr 3 days ago waiting for cherrybomb to come in. I need to know what do u do exactly to install it i heard that when you put it on you need to touch the positive and negative battery wires together i know how to hook it up but i need to know if this is true. I heard it swithches it to the second map.
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I ran mine for a couple of days with baffle out, had no symptoms or signs of any problems.
Significant power increase. LEAVE AIR BOX LID ON, If you take it off, it will make you run lean.

Touching the + & - leads together discharges the residual power in the capacator so the fi ststem can reset itself. You dont need to do this for the cherry bomb install.

Just plug the cherry bomb in and then take the air lid off, ride it like you stole it old mate!!
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