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Cherry Bomb clarification

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What is the purpose and limitations of the cherry bomb? I read the info on Yoshi's site but also see they offer a separate PCM with A & B maps. It's my understanding the cherry bomb unlocks the stock performance tune in the OEM PCM which is setup to work with minor air/exhaust mods such as airbox lid and pea shooter removal and the Yoshi PCM contains two maps that are designed specifically for their pipes? Is this correct? I'm just planning to remove airbox lid and arrester for now and want a little assurance the cherry bomb will ensure the bike won't run too lean. Lastly where can I buy the cherry bomb? I haven't found it on Yoshi's web site where you can add it to cart and buy online. Is it available elsewhere or do I need to call Yoshi directly?
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call yosh directly.thats what i did.the cherry bomb works great with the setup you are looking to run.also alot of dealers have been ordering the cherry bomb o you might find one thee.i know gollans here in ohio ordered a bunch.the bomb will run lean with the yoshi pipe with the sparky removed but ok with the sparky in.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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