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Car Stereo Advice

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Well it's time to retire my stock speakers. And I need some advice on getting the best sound for my money. The truck has 6.5's in the front and rear doors and Tweeters in the front doors also. I listen to a little bit of everything, so I need well rounded compnents. I've used Boston Acoustics in the past and been very please with the quality. I may at a later date add 1 10in sub just to give it a more complete sound. I already have a nice head unit so thats taken care of.

Tryin to keep it resonably priced.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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if your not looking to spend a lot of money then stay away from crutchfield. They are expensive! I have gotten everything for my 3 different car stero from ebay if you price everything out you can defiantly save a lot of money.
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