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cams cams cams

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ok...i got a std bore cp piston for my is 13.75 compression.i have everything i need to install it except cams.does anyone know how much more lift or duration the rmz has than the ltr?yosh told a friend of mine they are using the rmz cams (you need to switch sprockets) but im not sure if it is a set of their rmz cams or stock rmz sure the stockers are cheaper.i dont really wanna throw this piston in till i get a good set of cams too compliment it.ill try to call yosh monday just wondering if anyone here has already researched any of this and their thoughts of what will work best.the head will be getting a port job mostly cleaning it up a bit nothing radical.with these mods it ought to be a real animal.i was gonna wait a while to put it all together but after having the piston and all that im like a kid in a candy store.also wanna try to make the swap while my cylinder is still in decent shape as a new one is 450 BUCKS!oh yeah will also probably have to wait till my ems gets here to tune it too.
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How much did they cost? cams would be a nice part to buy.
Well if they are released to parts unlimited then i'll get them for about 417 or less.
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