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Burnt Ridge

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So how did the LT-R's do up there?????I had to work so I couldn't go there and woop up on you guys. ;)
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I noticed that you were not there. I'm going to try to make the last 2. Chris got 4 th in 30c and production c also.
I moved up to the A class and raced Stock A and got 3rd. That qualified me for the ProAm and I ended up getting 11th in the ProAm.

My wife got 4th in the Womens B race on her new Fox Evol shocks that I got her....She absolutely loved them!

The course was brutal and dusty, but a whole lot of fun! You missed a great course! Open field, nice MX portion and whooped out trails thru the tight trees! (much tighter than Washougal). I loved the tree sections!!
Tighter than Washougal :blink: How!!! That was right up your alley then. Congrats on stepping up to A class.
I can totally understand what you are saying... riding with a group of 60+ people is freakish... sometimes I'm that guy getting hung up on something too. You are pretty quick, I think you would do great in the B class.

On another note since you guys in this thread are the only ones I know personally... I'll be ready for Monticello. Just installed the Rekluse clutch and it rocks... LOVE IT! I also installed a 05 TRX thumb throttle. We went riding yesterday and the throttle was very soft... worth the price. Also got a Denton steering stabilizer... I'm ready now!!!
I can't wait, I am going to make that round :D .Rekluse !!!!sweet I love mine..They did the rear brake relocate on mine the other day, now my back brakes are where my clutch was. I rode 2 days at clay peak to get used to it. Oh and this is my last year in 30-c also. Next year will be 30-B then the year after that I hope to be in 40-A...See you at Bull Hollow, I ran it last year it is fun a lot like clay peaks . It is not quite as open but not nearly as tight as washougal..
24 hour team race tell me more...Is there a link for Goldendale? When in Oct.? 1 quad or do we ride our own quad? TELL ME MORE!!!! Sounds like FUN!!!
Nevermind..I called up there NO quads at the 24 hour race.......There will be a 4 hour race in the spring..
I was looking into the Rekluse as a buddy of mine has one on his YFZ and i see them at the WORCS races sometimes and they will install them also. I know you lose your engine breaking, that's fine as I don't trail ride with this bike. Tell me about this adjustment part and the relocating of the brake. (benefits, costs?)

I will be in Monticello also. What number are you as we race in the same class?
The Rekluse must stay in adjustment, as your fibers wear down you need to put in thicker steels. The Rekluse can only have .30 to .42 slack in it. You can have engine breaking if you give it a little throttle to bring up the rpms. As for the back brake on the handle bar. You can brake if you are in a hard left hand turn. I also had a bad habit by NOT using by back brake anytime. I don't know what they are charging for the re-locate. Rekluse is based in Boise Idaho that is where I live so this is thier test LT-R450.
I don't know if Rekluse will be sending any sales reps to Utah but one of the guys going with me works for them so he can answer any questions you have. I have a white class c motorhome with a 20 white box trailer with Idaho plates. My number is 444, come on over and I will let you ride the LT-R...
Just look for him at the end of the pack. HEE HEE.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:Good one......You got me....LOL
Holy CRAP Chris!!!!!!!!! That is a cool shot...Enter that in pic of the month
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