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Buckin' Hard On My Yellow Horse

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Greeting from Wyo! For me, my next mission: Pro Taper with anti-vib bolts. :bangbang: [attachmentid=476] :whip:
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might want to get some thongs aswell,then you'll have the full '07 riding

just kidding,And YELLOW is faster!!!
Thongsss??? Err, you might been watching brokenback mountain too much? Secondly, amen with your comment with yellow model!

How do you find the bike for wheelies, What gears can you get it up in from on the flat?
What do u mean by how i can find the bike for wheelies? Hope i can answer yours; find a firm, soft ground, then go on 1st until u feel like to go 2nd gear. Clutch it and get on 2nd gear, pop the clutch lever. Then there you go. It might be struggling for you, but it TAKES practice. If you cannot do that, then pop on 1st gear from dead start.
Arr, alright.. Enuff about my mocked boots, that evening I was riding it as fun, just a step away from my home. I DO have full riding gear, but it is like a sauna when I wear it during day. Riding with my killer boots is most refreshing feelings in the world! Chuckles..
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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