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Brats Vs. Haulers

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I know some folks are already saying.... "Dude its obvious"

yes but how obvious?

On friday and saturday at LS Oklahoma the sand was real dry and almost dusty. Traction was real bad and so the true test was on....

I felt like I was the only white LTR on the sand those two days.
My bike as follows:
stock pipe no sparky, cbrm, 400ex K&N, 21x12x8 6 paddle Sand Tires Unlimited Padla Brat on blue labels, and 21x7x10 Skat Trak Mohawks on blue labels (HUGE Thanks to Rob again for the tires!!!!!!


Many Yellow LTR's with Dasa, Yosh, Nmotion pipes, both with fuel controlers or cbrms. Running anything from ITP's to 21x12x8 7 paddle haulers on blue labels.

Brats FTW (for the win) almost every time. In the dry soft stuff the brats would litterally pull any other LTR's out there either by one or two bike lengths every time depending on how well they started. The first two nights The White LTR was the bike to beat :fro:

The only time I got beat by other LTR's (with pipes) was on a down hill track (yes that was some back asswards okie stuff right there) and when the sand was wet and then the skat traks really took off.... But... they would only beat me by 1/2 to 1 bike when we would both get good starts.

Now I repeat.... My bike is still on the stock pipe, cbrm, and a 400ex air filter. All the bikes I raced had pipes

Alan, Okc LTR was probably my biggest comp all weekend ....... after he bolted on the 7 paddle haulers. Especially when they hooked up in the wet sand and on the down hill.

I posted the wheel weights in the sticky in this forum.

I didn't do a roll out test like before..... I can do that tomorrow when I strip down the bike to clean it up.

Oh and as far as gearing goes with the brats..... all stock gearing is the ticket ;)

Thanks again Rob!!! we'll see you this weekend. I'll be ordering my set here pretty soon.

so on a budget, I'd suggest a 7 paddle hauler.... the more budget you have... I'd work my way to a double or triple buff.

Or if you're trying to decide between a pipe or tires... I'd get a set of Brats They're $50 cheaper and you'll beat the piped guys anyway.

Chassis before power :p
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Anybody bringing those tires at glamis run 30th?
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