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Brand New Ltr 450 What Mods

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baught new ltr 4450 has yoshi pro series full system exhaust what would be my next few engine mods to make this thing fast
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I think it has enough power for u now! If u are going to do mx then no more power mods unless u like to lose traction.
Yeah the cherry bomb is a little mod that changes the A/F (Air and Fuel) mixture so the you can run a pipe, aftermarket filter and maybe a hole or two in the airbox. Now the next mod up (Yoshi Pim) changes the A/F even more so u can do alittle more mods like cut your airbox an 1" or 2. The Fimak Changes the A/F for seroius engine mods and if u want to take off the whole airbox. This info is explained better in the Dyno/Tuning section.
Well i'd say it depends what he's going to use it for, yes the suspension would be very stiff but try softening the stockers up all the way and then if it's still to stiff go with Ishocks rebuild.
I still don't know what that commerical was about???????????????????? All i see is a animal has big nuts.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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