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Hi Guys, I need help. I have 2006 LTR450 which I bought new back in a day and been mostly collecting dust. I wanted to sell it, so I pulled it out and put new fuel in. After a while it stated to bog down. So, I replaced swirl fuel filter and gasket, cleaned out the tank, new spark plug, new air filter, even bought new injector.
Cleaned a fuel pump, checked pressure ( was pushing past 80psi but the pressure was pushing the gauge off the line), checked the pressure regulator and cuts out at about 40psi, checked the valves and clearance is just in the middle of the range. Compression is at 105psi and from what I read should be 114psi but seems to hold 105 without a loss.
I can start it but now any attempt to rev leads to bogging down and misfire. WTF. What is left to check? I'm not a mechanic but been fixing my own crap most of my life.
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