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Body Weight

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I currently weigh about 197lbs. I know a lot of Pro Racers aren't much bigger than 165lbs. Is this going to hurt me as far as racing? I am about 5'11" tall, FYI. I work out by running about 3.5 miles 3 times a week and by riding my ass off. I know this is probably a dumb question, but I am curious.

I'm an idiot.... I just posted this in the wrong spot. Sorry, it has been a week from hell so far.
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I noticed the same thing.. it looks like as soon as the gate drops the bigger guys get just a bit more traction.. if you can get perfect shifts and lean wayyy backk you should be able to do just as well as the really small kids on the gate.. at least in a B class.. When you get into a A class your going to need a lot more motor <_<

MX Quad Racer.. I am starting to notice that braking later can really pull you up in standings quick.. I watched the Joe Bryd riding school video and that was one thing he really stressed.. When I tried it out at my track I was reallu suprized how much faster it made me.. a really good tips for new riders
I went to that riding school and it does really help alot. Just practice it. I also find myself that I use my front brakes more than anything now, I hardly ever use the rear except in hard hard braking. Butyea, joe made is line up really far away, near 60 yards, and get going as fast as we could. And at first, he set up a cone and wanted us to show him what we would do to get stopped as fast as we could before the turn. And we have it on video (my dad taped it) you hear nearly everyone let off way before the cone, and only use their front brakes. But everytime, we would get better. And everyone would use their front brakes also. It was amazing, we went into that part of the lesson, sucking so bad at it. Then by the end, it was crazy how much better everyone got at that part. It does help a lot in a race, especially the holeshot. I brake so much later than everyone else on the holeshot around here, and tahts why i usually pull it. I dont way as much as alot of the kids either. Im about 145-152, so ive got a bit of advantage on them, plus, my motor is nowhere near stock. Sorry to blab on lol. If you guys ever get the chance to go to that school. GO! it was freakin awesome, I have never had so much fun in my life. If you get dirtwheels, turn to page 108 and im the one on the yellow 300EX number 489. The school was a blast, everyone that has a chance should go, you'll love it.
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