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Hey all. I’ve got an 06 LTR stock exhaust cored, cherry bomb and uni filter with no lid. It’s been a strong runner, but that’s it, never anything to really compete with my previous Banshees or my brothers current Banshee with a 4 mil & port n polish.

Last trip out I blew the top end( still need to tear it down but I’m pretty sure it’s just a top end). I’ve been tossing around doing one of two things.....

1. Go simple, slip on exhaust, fresh stock bore rebuild, and a good fuel controller

2. 493 kit (JE piston & athena cylinder), full exhaust system, and fuel controller.

My riding is a 50/50 mix of dunes and trails. Everything from sea level to 6000 ft. elevation. I wanna still run pump gas and maintain reliability since I have two youngsters on Blasters following me.

What’s everyone’s thoughts? Of course I wanna spend as little $ as possible but that being said I’m going to do it right so it will last.

I’m completely lost when it comes to the fuel injection and mapping aspect of the bike. I’ve been a Banshee guy for years so that’s what I know. What’s a good programmer, Dyno jet PCV, Lexx EFI controller, Yosh, etc.?

I have a shop around the corner from my house with a dyno so I have that going for me as far as set up and tuning goes.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks


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