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Blingstar Or Blingapart?

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Anyone else on here have blingstar nerfs? I got mine and they were shit to begain with when the tig welds were blown thru and i had to chizzle them out then the right male sides welds broke and the didnt bolt up to the frame right so now i got stripped nuts and broke nerfs... Shoulda went with the AC that i wanted and not got all gung hoe on the blingstars... this sucks $300 down the drain...
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If anything can derail a blingstar bashing thread, that would be it :eek:
I would if I was just running at the dunes, but for racing I would be bashing up that nice chrome. Brushed aluminum with scratches almost look like they belong together. ;)

Hey how about Fuel designing a race bumper and grab bar with a number plate holder on both and I would be glad to patronize a good sponsor/supporter.
He offers them in black too, and I must say - pretty trick :p
Although I must say, they look sweeeeet!![/b]
Welcome to LTRHQ :fro:
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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