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Black Hmf

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Heres some pics of my HMF I bought then sent to FUEL to have anodized black. Turned out AWSOME.

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Yea FUEL did me a big favor by anadizing the pipe for me. I happend to catch him when he had some other stuff to send over and he squeezed my pipe in.

I can't wait to see the DASA pipe they will look SIK done in black.
Thanks guys. I got a good deal on the silver thats the reason I didn't get a colored one. And like FUEL says the anodized should hold up better.

Junkie: He didn't drop my pipe but there was a bit of a "turn around" you have to ask FUEL about that though. :D
Small price to pay-yes
Funny shit-yes
Wat kind is that? Is it the ballance HMF?
No I just had my regular HMF anodized black.
Blue will look SIK with the FUEL graphics kit. Can't wait to see that set up.
1 - 6 of 41 Posts
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