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Best ltr engine builder??

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Who would be the best company to send my motor to to get built. port work, cams, valves etc.??
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Williams has always given me great info, never had any work done there but he absolutely knows his shit. My motor is being assembled by s&h performance in Arkansas. He builds some monsters and does in house porting, valves and tranny work. Contact info for chris williams is 352-206-0034 and contact for Jp at s&h is 479-970-7938...with that being said. I agree with everyone to that williams, dasa, racers edge are all top at s&h will give a better deal aND he knows motors. Big time. Give him a call, you'll like what you hear. Tell him chris peterson sent u
Let me know how you like your motor after you get it back from S&H. I plan on giving him a call myself since he his quite a bit closer to me then the other guys.
Will do. He's actually doing a little more port work and a few other small things now too. It's gonna rip!
Just read the thread. Been a while since we have been on here. Its been a crazy year for us from moving into a new shop this year and continuing grow with our contract work for top motor cross teams. If you have had a hard time contacting me through this sight I will put all the info to get a hold of me at the bottom as customer service is our MAIN goal! We have purchased even more equipment this season to further push our services and products. The latest being a new Haas vf3ss and cnc lathe to make all valve seats and guides in house. The Haas will machine anything from custom AR15 parts to billet cases and so on.

As far as the question goes there is many builders that are able to build race winning engines. Theres not to many secrets in it , It all comes down to who's willing to put the work in to develop the PACKAGE! We have one of the better engine packages for the ltr and have anything from mild to wild. Best thing to do is figure up what you want out of the build and you budget you can spend then make some calls to various builders and see what they say. I have customers call all the time and want the best of the best then when you tell them the price thy end up buying the most basic setup.

Here is all our contact info:
Email:[email protected]
Phone # 352.206.0034
Address:3621 Morris Bridge Rd, Wesley Chapel Fl 33543

Chris Williams
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Glad to see you chime in Chris. You've been at the top of my list since I've been thinking about getting my motor built. I'll be giving you a call as well when i get ready to pull the trigger.
Define best (subjective) and what is the purpose of your build and do u have a budget
Williams dose all my work
Lost creek cycles also dose great work.
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