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Be Careful Removing Your Cam Holders!

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Here are some pictures to help illistrate what im talking about. Basically, the cam holders (not sure what the proper names of these two pieces are) are VERY vunerable to damage when removing them from the head to remove/replace the cams.

The dowl pin holes (two per holder) are so close to the edge of where the cam journals are that when removing them from the bike, you can easily distort the aluminum in that area to where when bolted back on, it would destroy the jounal and cam surface in no time. The cam will bind and the only way to free up is when material gets shaved right off both the cam and the holder making for disaster.

These pieces IMO could be redesigned a little better. I would like to see an actual bearing like say Honda uses myself!

You can damage these holders just by rocking that holder back and fourth to remove it. They can be stiff to get off but my recommendation is to try to pop it straight up and off.

Hope i explained it correctly and you guys will get the idea with the help of the pictures. If not ask and ill give another crack at explaining it better.



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lol.. *cam caps* just fyi :D
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